Peterborough Cathedral Music Association

Peterborough Cathedral Music Association was launched in July 2009 at its inaugural event, a Haydn Festival. The PCMA has three main aims.

  • The first is to bring more professional music and musicians to Peterborough to perform and teach at the highest levels and inspire us all
  • Secondly we aim to encourage more people to participate in music making, particularly through singing activities, and for this reason we have established a Festival Chorus which sang for the first time in Haydn’s Creation at the 2009 Haydn Festival
  • Thirdly we aim to provide opportunities for people to improve their understanding of music, whether through talks, presentations, programme notes or musical education
Peterborough Cathedral Music Association in action

To do these things we need a natural group of supporters of music, a reason for them to come together, and a financial base to support our programme of activities.

Some of the benefits of membership are:

  • Advance ticket sales
  • Cheaper ticket rates for members at some concerts
  • Season tickets
  • Regular information/e-newsletter
  • Social events
  • Educational events and workshops

We warmly invite you to join us in this venture and hope that by doing so we may help the people of Peterborough and surrounding areas enjoy music now and for generations to come.

Find out more from our web site or email us at: . Please also visit our website if you are interested in joining the Festival Chorus.