Event Notification

Add An Event – Please Read Carefully

Do you have a live music event that you want to promote? If you are a member of PMM and have been issued with logon details, CLICK HERE to log in. Fill in your event information, click Publish (on the right) and log out. Your event will automatically be added to the calendar. The form below is for non-PMM members only.

Unaffiliated organisations should complete the form below. Your event details will be sent to our team, who will upload the information.

Best practice for filling in the form: in the Event Name field enter the name of the Group, Society, Orchestra, etc. that will perform, e.g. Stamford Quartet, and include wording such as Summer Concert in the descriptive section.

N.B. The idiosyncrasies of this calendar require care with event times. If you wish to leave the end time blank, please enter the same time as the start time in the ‘to’ box!